October 2008

Two new friends who have just moved here and are working with my husband live in the organisation’s guesthouse.  They have two or three spare beds always available for people who have come from “the field” (odd euphemism used by all NGO types referring to places without flushing loos or proper coffee, I think, although I’ve never been there myself).  And if there are no people from the field needing the beds, then they are free for any associates of the organisation in need of a good night’s sleep – like me, for example!

So that’s where I was last night and indeed where I slept until nearly midday today!  I am now back in my favourite internet cafe indulging myself with a smoked salmon omelette (which they didn’t do last year when I was here all the time with baby G) and peace and quiet.

And then, with a quarter of the weekend already enjoyed, I shall return home to take my children swimming.  It won’t be long before it gets a bit cold for the water… but I think in the afternoon it should be warm enough today.

There was no water in our house this morning.  Turn on the taps – nothing.  This is something that happens from time to time, but this is the first time it’s interrupted my morning routine when I have to get to work!  And to be honest, this was not the day for it as my hair needed a wash!

So I tried the guest bathroom.  There was a trickle of water from the tap, not enough to force itself through the shower, but I could get my head under and get my hair wet.  Splendid.  Shampoo on.  And predictably, that was the point at which the trickle stopped!

What would I have done without E, who nearly always wakes early and was chatting away to me as this was going on…?  She went to the family bathroom and got two empty bottles that serve as bath toys now, filled them with a mixture of hot and cold water from the water cooler and brought them to me (still crouched shivering in the shower – it’s not too warm in the mornings any more, especially if you’re wet!).  Ahhh…eeek!  First bottle a bit cold.  Invigorating, that’s the word!  Second bottle great.  Third bottle getting a little hot.  Fourth bottle perfect – and finished.  Fantastic!

A bit more time-consuming than an average shower, but quite satisfying to beat the problem and have clean hair again!  Even if I was a little late getting into work…

Hello all!  Here I am, renewing my oft-broken resolution to write here more often…

Actually, I’m being a bit hard on myself.  After all, what’s happened since I wrote last?  M has been away, and then we’ve had the Eid break.  So, no time to write really.  And I don’t have much time till creche closes and I have to pick up G, go home and resume my other, mother life, so I’d better update you on what’s been happening quickly!

The time while M was away went well.  That’s despite G getting up at 5:30am every single morning.  Why, I don’t know.   He did have revolting nappies, perhaps there was a connection.  (Perhaps you don’t really want to think about that!)  Anyway, the result was that there was plenty of time to get myself and three children ready for school and turn up at E and R’s school gates five minutes before they opened, which we did every single day!  Woohoo!  Efficient mummy!

However, as their school opens at 7:30 and I’m supposed to start work 10 mins’ drive and 5 mins’ walk away also at 7:30, this still left me in a bit of a rush to get into and down to work.  And at the other end of the day, I collapsed into bed as soon as I could every day, having put the three to bed and done the chores that needed doing (like cooking food for the nanny to heat up the next day, making snacks and meals for the children to take with them the next day, finding clean clothes and nappies, finding school bags and library books and swimming kit…)  So not much time for work, then!  I’ll make up for it now M’s back, as much as I can…

I’ll tell you about the holiday (nearly two weeks off school) next time – or creche will be cross!