Hello all!

Just popping in while I’m home from hospital – on day release as it were – for a few hours to let you know how I’m doing.  I was admitted to hospital (for the third time this pregnancy, second time in the UK) four weeks ago today with high blood pressure.  Putting my already considerable medication up by 50% seemed to fix that eventually and after ten days in I was allowed home.  Well, I managed four days before I got sent back!

This time my blood pressure has been misbehaving quite dramatically – enough one evening for me to be moved up to Labour Ward – not for labour but to be monitored more closely.  Seeing the midwives worrying and calling the doctors, who then worried and called my consultant, was a little unnerving.  The arrival of a senior doctor who wanted to look deep into my eyes (to examine the blood vessels at the back for damage) did little to make me feel in less danger, until he pronounced there to be no damage and said this was probably a big fuss about not much.  Soon after, my consultant arrived, grumbling happily about missing dessert and coffee at the restaurant he’s been in when he got the call, and calm was restored.  (He also said it had made him look important, a martyr to the call of duty in front of some colleagues, so I wasn’t to worry at all!)

The problem is that high blood pressure in pregnancy is a symptom of pre-eclampsia, which can be horrible and very dangerous, so they have to respond urgently.  So far my body has been stubbornly pre-eclampsia free, although it could develop at any time.  The baby seems completely unaffected, and at this stage would probably not have serious problems if I developed pre-eclampsia tomorrow.

My other consultant (I have two!  Actually, at one stage I had three – one for weekends so that the first one could get some rest!) came to see me the following morning and prescribed another hike in medication and I returned downstairs just before lunch.  The next three evenings brought enough further worries for the doctors to be called, who asked lots of silly questions about awful symptoms that I might just have but not have thought to mention – as if to say, “Well, things could be a lot worse, you know” and then prescribed one-off doses of familiar and unfamiliar drugs to make sure I still rattled every time I moved.

Fortunately, a tweak in medication and banning of the machines that were reading inaccurately high has helped a bit and I can now go three or four days before my BP misbehaves, but this is not quite good enough to send me home.  So I am in until delivery, not many more weeks now …

The days are falling into some sort of pattern:

0800   –  wake, take tablets, go back to sleep

0900   –  eat cereal, go back to bed

1000   –  eat toast, read paper

1200   –  tablets, round 2

1230   –  lunch

1400   –  tablets, round 3 and visiting time

1500   –  snack, puzzles, read, maybe CTG (listens to baby’s heartbeat for ½ an hour, done every day)

1730   –  supper

1800   –  more tablets, then TV, book, maybe worry a few doctors

2000   –  tablets again

2200   –  last tablets and bed.  One BP check in the night and plenty of trips to the loo as I’m currently drinking 2 litres of water a night, thanks to the tablets.

It will all be worth it in the end!