This is actually part 2 in the saga, but part 1 happened before I resumed blogging.  So facebook friends may have gathered that there’s been an invasion in my kitchen, but others of you will have been blissfully unaware…

Part 1 recap:  All my bags of flour, crawling with weevils.  Makes me shudder just thinking about it.  Did some research and discovered I could kill them all by putting the bags in the freezer.  Put them in the bin instead.  Bought new ones and put them in the freezer.  So glad we have two fridge-freezers these days:  I have plain flour, several bags of self-raising flour (brought from outside the country as it’s not available here), a bag of semolina and some bags of bread flour (M is still hopeful we’ll get and use a bread machine one day before we leave), all now in the freezer.  Cleaned cupboards thoroughly and put anything that was in a packet into a jar instead (I’m thankful for M’s coffee-drinking now it’s provided so many big jars!)

Onto part 2…  Why didn’t I think of the boxes?  We have a few boxes of risotto rice and some lasagne sheets too.  I looked through them yesterday.  Have you ever looked at a foodstuff and realised it’s crawling?  Only one box of each seemed to be weevil-free and I put those in the freezer anyway as a safety precaution!  Spent quite a while sifting the weevils and baby maggoty weevil things out of a previously frozen jar of risotto rice.  Have perfected the technique of holding a few grains in my hand and blowing gently (frozen weevils and their younger relatives and their munched-up rice residue are all lighter than the grains.

Three days of freezing them good and proper and then I’ll have a fun weekend sifting.

But will I want to eat any of it afterwards?  And should I?