Now that my youngest is one, I thought it might be time to try and resurrect the ol’ blog.  Theoretically I have a little more time on my hands, although in reality I’m preparing for a possible house move.

“Possible”.  Interesting word in that context.  Most expats here have uncertainty about when they will be allowed to come and work in this country.  We have uncertainty about when we will leave.  Usually when someone does not have a planned departure, it’s because they’re given three days to pack their bags…  In our case, it’s two things:  M has no replacement for his current job, and his new job (which doesn’t yet exist, so no hurry to take over from someone leaving, at least) needs a work permit, which may take longer to process than was initially thought.

“How do you cope with the uncertainty?” someone asked me the other week.  The funny thing is, I’ve known since last summer that this was likely to be our last year here, and also I’ve known that the chosen destination (Canada) was a possibility.  For six months, the future remained uncertain.  Maybe Canada, maybe somewhere else.  Most likely not here.  Occasionally, staying here (but with a different organisation) floated about as a possibility, but each time it was eventually discounted and we were back where we had been before.  In February, M decided that a decision should at some point be made and that time should be now (February now, not May 9th now).  So he accepted the job and I finally allowed myself to get excited.  Maybe six weeks later, when staying here was again floating about (like a lazy housefly that buzzes near your head and stubbornly refuses to be swatted), he pointed out that as yet no contract had been signed, so perhaps I had been a little premature to believe it to be a done deal…

<sigh>  I said to the aforementioned friend that uncertainty had been hanging about so long it was no problem to me now – but you can tell that’s not really true, can’t you?  The contract has now been signed, and we will be going, but when is unknown.  August?  September?  October?  December?  Any of the above or none, as far as we can tell.  We just don’t have enough information to know!