Okay, as far as it possibly ever to know (in life in general and in our family in particular), it is now decided that we will stay in our current location until December.

Hooray to knowing what’s happening, and a half-hearted whoop to the thought, do I really want to be here that long?!

L didn’t sleep for 3 hours last night, and instead regaled us with a loud and heartfelt aria concerning pain, anguish and the likelihood of imminent death.  (I think she was overreacting, but maybe she was just feeling Mummy’s mounting frustration…)  In any case, it was good exercise for her little lungs and amazingly didn’t tire her out one bit.  I am a walking zombie today, however.

R is off school today with probably the same cold L’s going down with.  She has a temperature and coughs like a saw.  It’s this heat that’s making us all sick – I’ve had a cold for goodness knows how long – but I’m sure it’s something to do with this country that makes us more ill than other countries too.

We’ve had lots of problems in the house the past couple of weeks, too.  All in all, I’m looking forward to getting on the plane and having a break from the place, hence the half-heartedness of the whoop!

Anyway, once we come back, G will go back into his class (they’ve kindly opened a place for him even though they’ve given his place to someone else already), E will go to a new school if she passes the test next week and they accept her, and R will stay home with me.  So now I can start planning it all!

And I’m looking forward to:  salad every day, getting to grips with the garden, more time with all our friends here, but not necessarily in that order.  Anyway, there’s plenty to enjoy here once I look for it!